Gouverneur Hospital's medically-managed detoxification services (previously offered at Canton-Potsdam Hospital) are designed to assist in the safe withdrawal from alcohol and other substances that are being abused.  Throughout the Detox process, staff will work closely with patients to ensure patients are safely and effectively treated to relieve the symptoms of withdrawal and promote patient success.

As part of the service, we offer individual and group counseling, as well as education to help patients better understand addiction and create a plan for discharge and continued rehabilitation.

The Detox treatment team includes a physician, nurses, counselors, and nursing aides.  The team's goal is to support patients through the initial step toward recovery.

Our detoxification services are here to help you safely take the important first step toward recovery.

Our detoxification services are here to help you safely take the important first step toward recovery.

Admission to Detoxification Services:

Individuals interested in Detox Services at Gouverneur Hospital should call Detox Services and complete a screening and be placed on a wait list.  Individuals will be directed to call Detox Services at least once per day after completing the screening to confirm interest, discuss admission criteria, and work with staff to establish an admission date and time.  On the day of admission, individuals should check in at patient registration and meet with a Detox staff member to be assessed for meeting criteria for treatment.  This process takes about one hour to complete.

Patients are admitted 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All patients need to have valid, current insurance coverage and all corresponding insurance cards in addition to any/all medications currently being taken. Arrangements can be made for patients who are self-paying.

Detox services are provided in a way to promote privacy and confidentiality for all patients. There is a lounge for activities, self-help meetings, and group counseling. Other areas of the service include the nurses' station, counseling rooms, and patient rooms.  Detox patients should expect to have a roommate and are therefore are encouraged to please remember to be respectful of their needs.  Special needs will be addressed on an individualized basis.

Upon admission, patients will receive a handbook that includes more details on each of the topics below. 

Your First 24 Hours With Us:

  1. You will be expected to comply with a person and belonging search, as well as give a urine sample upon admission.

  2. Female patients will need to take a pregnancy test.

  3. If you are here for alcohol withdrawal, your vital signs (pulse, blood pressure, temp) are taken every two hours during the first 8 hours.

  4. You will be given a tour of the unit.

  5. The Physician will see you in the first 12 hours.

  6. For fasting blood test(s) in the morning, you will be permitted only water after midnight. Laboratory professionals visit the unit to draw blood at 7 a.m.

  7. If your condition allows, you will be encouraged to attend Alcoholics' Anonymous/Narcotics Anonymous (AA/NA) meetings when offered throughout the week in the lounge.

  8. A professional counselor will see you to conduct an initial interview with you.

Dress Code and Use of Personal Items:

The expectation is for all patients to dress in clothes that are appropriate and presentable. All pieces of clothing, etc. will be searched thoroughly to ensure that a safe environment is maintained at the facility. Patients should plan to bring just enough for a three to five day stay. Pillows, quilts, blankets, etc. from home are not permitted.  


Any medications brought with patients upon admission, whether prescribed or not, must be given to the nurse upon admission. Patients will receive any prescribed medications from the nurse as ordered by the physician. 

Length of Your Stay:

 The average length of stay is three to five days. Before being discharged by the physician supervising patient care, a counselor will explain any final aftercare plans. The counseling staff will work with patients to prepare for additional inpatient and/or outpatient plans upon discharge from Detox Services. 


All valuables will be checked with nursing staff at the time of admission. The Hospital is not responsible for any item(s) patient choose to keep with them. 

Staff Ethics:

All staff is required to abide by ethical standards. Some of these standards relate to interactions with patients and former patients. 


For safety, security, comfort, and medical reasons, patients are expected to follow all rules of the Detox Service and behave appropriately. Privacy is of the utmost importance.  Patients are encouraged to respect their own privacy and that of others in the service. Patients should not share or discuss other patients' names, personal information, or medical information.

Contact Us:

Phone: (315) 261-5969
Fax: (315) 535-9444

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*We are unable to admit patients who are suffering withdrawal from crack/cocaine or marijuana.